Peak Number of Adults seen :- 48 (10)
Total Number of Nesting Pairs :- 0 (3)
Nests Predated/Abandoned :- 0 (0)
Chicks Hatched :- 0 (0)
Chicks Surviving :- 0 (0)
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Conder Pool and River Lune Sightings!
I will try to report Avocet Sightings in the 2021 season, However I do not have a Car! so I will use this page to put everybody's sighting onto one page!

2nd May:- John Webb, Eric Morecambe Pools From the Viewpoint; 40 avocets visible.

30th April:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 21 on Flood.

25th April:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road viewpoint) - 47 Avocet.

25th April:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocet 10, good to see confirmation of my count on the 23rd of April!

24th April:- John Wilson, from the Viewpoint; Avocet 14 on the Flood.

18th April:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road viewpoint) 46 Avocet,

18th April:- Pete Crooks, Conder Pool – 4 Avocet; Conder Creek – 2 Avocet, other viewers reported 8 Avocets!

17th April:- Stephen Dunstan; This afternoon there were 8 Avocets on the pool.

15th April:- Ian Love; Conder Pool: 5 avocet (2 looking like they were trying out nesting sites); there was another report of Three Avocets on The River Lune!

14th April:- K Harrison, Conder Pool; One pair of avocets mating this afternoon.

13th April:- Conder Pool, Six Avocets Three Pairs; later all Six Birds were together. I have not seen an Avocet feeding at Conder Pool this Year! It looked like they were waiting for the Tide to go Out so they could feed!

11th April:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocet 8.

9th April:- Conder Pool, Avocets 6; my first sighting of Avocets at this site in 2021! Pete Crooks saw 9 Avocets later in the day! I saw three Pairs of Avocets "near" to the 2020 Nest Sites at 11am!

7th April:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 15 but Allen mainly hidden. The Allen Pool is partly obscured from the viewpoint!

4th April:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools – 46 Avocet (12 on the Flood, 34 on the Allen Pool), it is a mystery how the Allen Pool Birds were Counted (I don't think the EM Hide is open)!

3rd April:- Ian Hartley, 4 Avocet on Lune on 3rd April.

2nd April:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocets 10 but best part of Allen Pool not visible!

1st April:- Barrie Cooper, Conder Pool; Common Sandpiper and Six Avocets!

31st March:- Eric Morecambe Pools From a passing Train, the Saltmarsh was flooded by a 10.3 metre Tide! All the Pools had very high water levels! I could see about 6 Avocets on the Far Flood. The Far Flood "usually" drains down before the other Pools!

30th March:- Conder Pool No Avocets seen, 3rd attempt; they don't seem to have established any Nests as yet!

28th March:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocet 3. Possibly more but sheltering from the Wind.

27th March:- Joshh, Conder Pool; Avocet- at least 5, possibly more at the back of the pool. There are many areas you can't see from the Viewing Platform!

27th March:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe, Avocet 48

26th March:- Dan Hayward. Seven Avocets at Conder Pool this morning. Thanks Sue Counsell.

25th March:- John Wilson, Avocet 46, 20 in flock far Flood others in pairs feeding on the Flood. Good to hear they are pairing up!

23rd March:- John Wilson, from the viewpoint; Avocet 45 of which 25 were in a group on the edge of the Flood and 10 pairs feeding. All on the Flood.

21st March:- Pete Crooks, 36 Avocets from the Crag Road viewpoint this morning – 19 on the Flood, 4 on the Eric Morecambe Pool, 13 on the Allen Pool. Good News, The EM Hides will be open on the 12th of April! (closed at night)

21st March:- Ian Hartley, Lune from Glasson bowling green Avocet 2, possibly the same birds seen on Conder Pool on the 18th of March!

20th March:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; From the viewpoint; Avocet 22 on the Flood. Seems like an important influx (let's hope they stay on the Site!

18th March:- Dan Haywood, Two Avocets Conder Pool. I visited on the 19th, no Avocets!

17 March:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 6 on the Flood! From The Viewpoint.

7th March:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green Avocet 1; I will have to investigate.

7th March:- John Wilson, Avocet 11 on flood but only half Allen Pool visible

2nd March:- Peter Stevens, There were 8 Avocets in the Eric Morecambe pools at 10.30 today. Viewed from the Crag road view point.

1st March:- Dan Haywood, Conder Pool four Avocets. First report of Avocets at Conder Pool!

28th February:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools From Viewpoint, 13 Avocets.

27th February:- Jon Carter, Eric Morecambe Pools From Viewpoint, 4 Avocet. I could not see any from The Train yesterday! Log 162

07 February 2021:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road viewpoint) - 1 Avocet, 1 male Marsh Harrier, 80 Pintail. Log 151

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