Peak Number of Adults seen :- 55 (10)
Total Number of Nesting Pairs :- 13 (8)
Nests Predated/Abandoned :- ? (3)
Chicks Hatched :- 15? (20)
Chicks Surviving :- 16 (16)
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Conder Pool and River Lune Sightings!
I will try to report Avocet Sightings in the 2021 season, However I do not have a Car! so I will use this page to put everybody's sighting onto one page!

24th July:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 19 young

21st July:- Richard Du Feu, No photographic prizes for me however following the two colour ringed Avocet juveniles last week from Conder Green this one turned up on Wednesday evening originally ringed in June near Carlisle.
Additionally, another 3 birds from Conder Green put in a brief appearance yesterday morning. If you do happen to photograph a colour ringed bird at Leighton Moss please do tag me in it and I'll try and sort out it's history. This is an extract from Richard's Report!

22nd July:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 16 young

20th July:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 15 young.

18th July:- Ian Hartley, Conder Pool; Avocet 3 plus 4 near fledging young -the rest have moved on, including two to Leighton Moss. This means probably the Chicks were Ringed at Conder Pool and have since flown to Leighton Moss?

15th July:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 13 young.

9th July:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 25 plus 5 young 3 nests. What matters is the number of surviving Young!

7th July:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 35, 6 nests at least 3 young! There may be more young if 2 Nests have Hatched?

1st July:- John Wilson; EM Complex; Avocet 35, 8 nests. No Young seen since 23rd June!

1st July:- Conder Green, River Conder; Seven Avocets and Eight Young seen. Conder Pool, One Avocet on a Nest seen. There is so much long grass on the Pool now it is impossible to make an accurate count!

27th June:- John Wilson; EM Complex; Avocet 37 still 8 nests but no young.

26th June:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocet 10 adults plus at least 12 young, some now fledged.

23rd June:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 54 plus 1 young.

21st June:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 45 plus 1 chick, it seems the lone Chick has survived so far!

20th June:- John Wilson, EM Complex, Avocet 54 but no young!

20th June:- Pete Crooks, EM Complex from viewpoint; 55 adult Avocet on salt-marsh pools.

18th June:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocel 34 plus first young from relays. Perhaps there will be some Chicks Fledging this Year???

17th June:- John Wilson, EM Complex; Avocet 42, it is noticable that no observers are seeing Avocet Chicks!

14th June:- K Harrison, Conder Pool; Avocet - 2 adults with 1 chick. River Conder; Avocet - 9 adults with 11 chicks (broods of 3 and 4 of 2 each. The Avocets are gradually moving their Families to the River Conder!

13th June:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Complex; Avocet 40. Several reports from the EM Complex; No Chicks Seen!

8th June:- Conder Green, River Conder; Seven Avocets and Ten Young; Conder Pool; Four Avocets and Six Young, Two Nests incubating Eggs!

7th June:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Complex, Avocet 45 but no young. It seems it may be a repeat of 2019 (The Chicks never live longer than 24 hours).

6th June:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocets - currently 6 broods, aged between 21 days and a few days old. Two clutches still to hatch. Probably 20+ chicks at the moment, 10 of which have moved to the Conder. This is a much clearer report of the present situation! The highest Tide this month will be 9.83 metres so the River Conder Chicks may survived?

3rd June:- Sue Counsell, Conder Green; Six adult avocet, 4 on the river mud banks and 2 on the pool. 6 chicks, 4 in one family group and 1 in another on the river and 1 chick with an adult on the pool. (One chick was ringed) This seems unlikely! Does this mean that most of the Chicks have been moved to the River??

27th May:- Conder Pool, Eight Avocets and Seven Chicks one of which was much younger than the rest! Another nest vacated which accounts for the youngest Chick!

22nd May:- My first visit in 2021! Allen Pool, Twenty One Avocets and Nine Nests seen. There were no Avocets on the Eric Morecambe Pool and just One Avocet on the Far Flood! No Chicks seen (Although the EM birds arrived Two Weeks before the Conder Green Birds they seem to be later Hatching Young)!

20th May:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 35

18th May:- Conder Pool, Four Chicks seen; family of Three and another of One Chick (there could have been more in the long grass. There was one obviously abandoned Nest (Chicks Hatched).

14th May:- Pete Crooks, Conder Green; 11 Avocet (9 adults and 2 recently hatched young). I saw no Young, however they were due to Hatch and it is difficult to see the whole Pool because of the many Islands!

14th May:- Conder Pool; Eight Avocets and Five Nests! River Conder; Two Avocets!

12th May:- Neil H, From The Viewpoint; Avocet (28). It will be posible to make a more accurate count when the Hides are open.

10th May:- John Wilson, From the Viewpoint; Avocet 17 on the flood.

9th May:- Pete Crooks, From the Viewpoint; 43 Avocet - spread across the salt-marsh pools.

7th May:- Conder Green, River Conder 2 Avocets; Conder Pool Five Avocets and Five Nests! The missing adult birds are probably feeding on the River Lune. I have yet to see any Avocets feeding on the Conder Pool this Year! One Common Tern. Six Common Terns seen on the 9th of May!

2nd May:- John Webb, Eric Morecambe Pools From the Viewpoint; 40 avocets visible.

30th April:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 21 on Flood.

25th April:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road viewpoint) - 47 Avocet.

25th April:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocet 10, good to see confirmation of my count on the 23rd of April!

24th April:- John Wilson, from the Viewpoint; Avocet 14 on the Flood.

18th April:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road viewpoint) 46 Avocet,

18th April:- Pete Crooks, Conder Pool – 4 Avocet; Conder Creek – 2 Avocet, other viewers reported 8 Avocets!

17th April:- Stephen Dunstan; This afternoon there were 8 Avocets on the pool.

15th April:- Ian Love; Conder Pool: 5 avocet (2 looking like they were trying out nesting sites); there was another report of Three Avocets on The River Lune!

14th April:- K Harrison, Conder Pool; One pair of avocets mating this afternoon.

13th April:- Conder Pool, Six Avocets Three Pairs; later all Six Birds were together. I have not seen an Avocet feeding at Conder Pool this Year! It looked like they were waiting for the Tide to go Out so they could feed!

11th April:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocet 8.

9th April:- Conder Pool, Avocets 6; my first sighting of Avocets at this site in 2021! Pete Crooks saw 9 Avocets later in the day! I saw three Pairs of Avocets "near" to the 2020 Nest Sites at 11am!

7th April:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 15 but Allen mainly hidden. The Allen Pool is partly obscured from the viewpoint!

4th April:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools – 46 Avocet (12 on the Flood, 34 on the Allen Pool), it is a mystery how the Allen Pool Birds were Counted (I don't think the EM Hide is open)!

3rd April:- Ian Hartley, 4 Avocet on Lune on 3rd April.

2nd April:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocets 10 but best part of Allen Pool not visible!

1st April:- Barrie Cooper, Conder Pool; Common Sandpiper and Six Avocets!

31st March:- Eric Morecambe Pools From a passing Train, the Saltmarsh was flooded by a 10.3 metre Tide! All the Pools had very high water levels! I could see about 6 Avocets on the Far Flood. The Far Flood "usually" drains down before the other Pools!

30th March:- Conder Pool No Avocets seen, 3rd attempt; they don't seem to have established any Nests as yet!

28th March:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green; Avocet 3. Possibly more but sheltering from the Wind.

27th March:- Joshh, Conder Pool; Avocet- at least 5, possibly more at the back of the pool. There are many areas you can't see from the Viewing Platform!

27th March:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe, Avocet 48

26th March:- Dan Hayward. Seven Avocets at Conder Pool this morning. Thanks Sue Counsell.

25th March:- John Wilson, Avocet 46, 20 in flock far Flood others in pairs feeding on the Flood. Good to hear they are pairing up!

23rd March:- John Wilson, from the viewpoint; Avocet 45 of which 25 were in a group on the edge of the Flood and 10 pairs feeding. All on the Flood.

21st March:- Pete Crooks, 36 Avocets from the Crag Road viewpoint this morning – 19 on the Flood, 4 on the Eric Morecambe Pool, 13 on the Allen Pool. Good News, The EM Hides will be open on the 12th of April! (closed at night)

21st March:- Ian Hartley, Lune from Glasson bowling green Avocet 2, possibly the same birds seen on Conder Pool on the 18th of March!

20th March:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; From the viewpoint; Avocet 22 on the Flood. Seems like an important influx (let's hope they stay on the Site!

18th March:- Dan Haywood, Two Avocets Conder Pool. I visited on the 19th, no Avocets!

17 March:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 6 on the Flood! From The Viewpoint.

7th March:- Ian Hartley, Conder Green Avocet 1; I will have to investigate.

7th March:- John Wilson, Avocet 11 on flood but only half Allen Pool visible

2nd March:- Peter Stevens, There were 8 Avocets in the Eric Morecambe pools at 10.30 today. Viewed from the Crag road view point.

1st March:- Dan Haywood, Conder Pool four Avocets. First report of Avocets at Conder Pool!

28th February:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools From Viewpoint, 13 Avocets.

27th February:- Jon Carter, Eric Morecambe Pools From Viewpoint, 4 Avocet. I could not see any from The Train yesterday! Log 162

07 February 2021:- Pete Crooks, Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road viewpoint) - 1 Avocet, 1 male Marsh Harrier, 80 Pintail. Log 151

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