Peak Number of Adults seen :- 4 (0)
Total Number of Nesting Pairs :- 0 (0)
Nests Predated/Abandoned :- 0 (0)
Chicks Hatched :- 0 (0)
Chicks Surviving :- 0 (0)
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I will try to report Avocet Sightings in the 2020 season, However I do not have a Car! so I will use this page to put everybody's sighting onto one page!.

21st February:- During the last two weeks Leighton Moss and the Allen and EM Hides have been Flooded or partially Flooded, there have been no sightings of Avocets in the Lancaster area during this time!

12th February:- Allen and EM Hides Closed! Flooding due to high Tides and Winds! L Moss Log, only records from 9th to 12th February! Now a loose leaved Log!

10th February, Martin Mere; The Avocet count has increased to 6 birds, currently sheltering on the edge of the Mere! No reports from the Lancaster area (not surprising considering the Weather!

8th February:- John Wilson No avocets seen on the EM Complex today! Maybe birds of Passage?

7th February, Allen Pool, Four Avocets seen 10am to 12 30pm, Eight days earlier than 2019!

3rd February 2020, Avocet, Martin Mere WWT
two this afternoon (13:22), They are on there way? Photo of the Avocets at Martin Mere!

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