Peak Number of Adults seen :- 62 (11)
Total Number of Nesting Pairs :- ? (7?)
Nests Predated/Abandoned :- ? (4)
Chicks Hatched :- ? (7)
Chicks Surviving :- ? (2 Fledged)
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Conder Pool and River Lune Sightings!
I will try to report Avocet Sightings in the 2020 season, However I do not have a Car! so I will use this page to put everybody's sighting onto one page!.

The Eric Morecambe Complex was Closed during the Avocet Breeding Season so I was unable to view any Birds during this time.

13th September:- John Webb; Know End Point Silverdale, 10 avocets. First ever sighting of anything from this site, I must assume they are heading South after Breeding further north???

31st August:- John Wilson; EM Complex, Avocet 1. An EM bird or a returning Breeder from elsewhere??

26th August:-John Wilson; EM Hide, Greenshank 5, Redshank 120, Kingfisher 2. As I suspected no report of any Avocets! Have they long gone?

21st August:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green, Avocet 1 adult with 2 juvs.

19th August:- Jeff Butcher; 09.30 the three avocets (1 adult 2 juvenile) at the mouth of the Conder.

16th August:- Ian Hartley; Conder Pool, Avocet 1 ad and 2 fledged juveniles. Good news indeed, it is a long time since Fledged Young have been Reported from Conder Green!

14th August:- Ian Hartley; Conder Pool, Avocet 1 ad and 2 juvs!

4th August:- Jeff Butcher; Avocets on Conder pool 2 adults with 2 juveniles

1st August:- Dan Hayward; Conder Pool, Avocets and 4 adult Common Terns.

26th July:-Ian Hartley; Avocet 1 ad and 2 young, the young are still with us!

23rd July:- Dan Hayward; Conder Pool, The two Avocet chicks still intact. Good News indeed!

19th July:- Ian Hartley; Conder Pool, Avocet 2 adults and 2 young see; Link and Link

17th July:- Stephen Dunstan; Avocet and two juvs. Presumably Conder Pool!

14th July:- Barrie Cooper ; Two small Avocet chicks on Conder Pool - there were three yesterday

11th July:- John Wilson; EM Pools, Avocet Could only see 2 on the flood from the Vantage Point! First Sighting of the EM Pools since 22nd of March!

9th July:- Dan Hayward; Conder Pool, a pair of Avocets with two small chicks. Are these the Chicks seen on the 28th of June?? I passed the Allen and EM Pools today on The Train but could not see any Avocets! When the Sea Hides are open to the Public again, the breeding season will probably be over.

5th July:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green, Avocet 4 and 3 chicks

28th June:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green, Avocet with two small chicks. Amazing, I wouldn't go out in this weather!

23rd June:- Conder Estuary; 3 Avocet feeding!

20th June:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green. Avocet 3

16th June:- Mal, Conder Pool; Common Tern 2A + 1J on pontoon, BHG 20+ +1 juv on pontoon! No Avocets seen on the Pool or Creek. It seems The Avocets have left the area, not surprising as they were continuously robbed! It will be a Miracle if the single Juvenile Tern survives!

4th June:- Conder Green at High Tide! Six Avocets on Conder Pool, all of the Avocet Nests have failed! The only Chicks visible are Two Oystercatcher Chicks!

2nd June:- Barrie Cooper, The three Avocet nests on the island as viewed from the screen are now bereft of life. Two pairs of Avocets were on the river but no sign of any young. Disturbance from people going to the gap in the hedge for "better" photos or views probably didn't help the Avocet's cause. It wasn't looking positive during my brief visit, hopefully there may be some young lurking somewhere. I think it is doughtful that there are Young surviving however I will check on my next visit the chances of young surviving without Parents is Zero!

31st May:- Ian Hartley, Conder Pool; Avocet 7

26th May:- Conder Creek; One Avocet, Conder Pool; Five Avocets! One of the Nests seen on the last visit has failed, however there are two new Nests near the Viewpoint! There are at least Two Common Tern Nests (One on The Pontoon).

24th May:- Dan Hayward:- Conder Pool, Avocet 11 (3+ now sitting after loss of 5+ pair's clutches earlier in spring; I intend to visit on the 26th!

22nd May:- Dan Hayward: Conder Pool, 8 Avocets (3 active nests at moment), I intended to go to Conder Green on the 23rd May but the strong winds Dessuaded me! The Three Nests are good News!

20th May:- Barrie Cooper; Conder Pool, 5 Avocet

18th May:- Dan Hayward; Conder Green, Avocet 6, Arctic Tern 7, Dunlin 6. Not sure about the Arctic Terns?

16th May:- Conder Green; Conder Pool, at least Seven Avocets, Two new Nests found both on seperate Islands. The original long established nest must have failed as there is no sign of any young! Due to the layout of the Islands there maybe more Pairs/Nests! At least Seven Common Terns in the area but no Nests found!

9th May:- Conder Green; Conder Creek, Three Avocets; Conder Pool, Six Avocets, The Established Nest has either been Abandoned or Robbed! The Tiny Island has been taken over by Three Oyster Catcher Nests, the pair of Avocets are still there but cannot get access to the Island/Nest. Three Common Terns present, One on the Pontoon and Two on the nearby Island!

4th May:- Conder Green; Conder Pool Three Avocets; Conder Creek Three Avocets. Later there were Eight Avocets and an Established Nest on The Pool with another Nest on a tiny Island near The Road! A Pare of Common Terns have arrived!

2nd May:- Dan Haywood; Conder Green; 11 Avocets. There must have been another influx!

28thApril:- Dan Haywood; Conder Pool; 7 Avocets!

22nd April:- Dan Haywood; 2 Avocets on estuary off Aldcliffe Marsh, These may not have any connection with the Conder Green Birds?

20th April:- Conder Green; Conder Pool, Six Avocets, (Three Pairs). One Definite Nest, another probable Nest?? [until a full clutch is laid the female bird does not sit full time on the Nest]! Later one pair flew to the Conder Estuary to feed!

15th April:-Conder Green; Conder Estuary; One Avocet feeding. Conder Pool; Five Avocets, One definite Nest with bird sitting, (the Estuary Bird is probably this Sitting Birds Mate)! Two Pairs ( I could not find any more established Nests). Another visit to the Pool may find more Nests??

10th April:- Dan Hayward; 6 Avocets together Wildfowler's at 1330, all unringed.

7th April:- J Carter; A pair of avocet were on the Wildfowlers' Pools at Aldcliffe c7.30am - presumably the same mobile pair?

7th April:- Nick Godden; (From the Lancaster Tip side of The River Lune) Avocet 2 flew out over the river then appeared to drop into Freeman's Pool. There have been no reports from Conder Green recently so I don't know if there is any connection!

25th March:- Two Avocets at the Conder Pool, they were not feeding and looked like new arrivals! The water level in the Pool was much too high for Waders!!

Leighton Moss; Please note that all hides and the Skytower will be shut as of close of play on Sunday 22 March.

The visitor centre, shop and cafe also remain closed.

For further information see: Link

22nd March:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green, Avocet 2! First Sighting this Year!

22nd March:- P Crooks; Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road) - 62 Avocet (13 on Flood, 45 on Eric Morecambe Pool, 4 on Allen Pool). It looks like the numbers are steadily rising!

20th March:- John Wilson; Avocet 46 EM Complex.

19th March:- John Wilson; Avocet 42 EM Complex.

17th March:- John Wilson; Avocet 30 mainly from Eric Morecambe. Only 5 this time last year although reached 29 by March 22nd.

16th March:-John Wilson:- EM Complex; Avocet Min of 21

13th March:- An attempted visit to the EM Pool, however the Car Park was Flooded and the path to the Hides was also Flooded (10.50 Metre Tides)!

9th March:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Morning visit Avocet 29!

8th March:- P Crooks; Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road) - 26 Avocet (Allen Pool)

7th March:- Richard du Feu; 29 Avocet

6th March:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Afternoon Visit
Avocet 22 26 reported this morning mainly on Allen Pool!

2nd March:- John Wilson; Avocets 12 but flew off when helicoptor passed over! Another report had the count at Fourteen Avocets! Are these Birds of Passage???

21st February:- During the last two weeks Leighton Moss and the Allen and EM Hides have been Flooded or partially Flooded, there have been no sightings of Avocets in the Lancaster area during this time!

12th February:- Allen and EM Hides Closed! Flooding due to high Tides and Winds! L Moss Log, only records from 9th to 12th February! Now a loose leaved Log!

10th February, Martin Mere; The Avocet count has increased to 6 birds, currently sheltering on the edge of the Mere! No reports from the Lancaster area (not surprising considering the Weather!

8th February:- John Wilson No avocets seen on the EM Complex today! Maybe birds of Passage?

7th February, Allen Pool, Four Avocets seen 10am to 12 30pm, Eight days earlier than 2019!

3rd February 2020, Avocet, Martin Mere WWT
two this afternoon (13:22), They are on there way? Photo of the Avocets at Martin Mere!

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