Peak Number of Adults seen :- 77 (10)
Total Number of Nesting Pairs :- 43 (10)
Nests Predated/Abandoned :- 38 (?)
Chicks Hatched :- 43 (7)
Chicks Surviving :- 4 (4)
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Sightings to date
Conder Pool Sightings!
I will try to report Avocet Sightings in the 2019 season, However I do not have a Car! so I will use this page to put everybodies sighting onto one page!

9th and 11th October, John Wilson; Avocet 3. These birds were present for several days (they were not seen on the 12th October), Probably Avocets heading south for Winter. This will be my last report in 2019! log 378

18th August:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green, Avocet 5, It seems all Five Avocets are still on The River!

14th August:- P Crooks; Conder Creek - 5 Avocet (1 adult, 4 juveniles), so it seems that the lone Chick I saw yesterday was one of four!

13th August:- Conder Green; One well grown Avocet young found resting on the bank of the river Conder at High Tide! there maybe more Avocets about but they are difficult to see in the long grass!

11th August:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green; Avocet 4 fledged juveniles flying around creek, plus one adult. Again the second brood not seen, I will have to investigate!

4th August:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green; Avocet 1 adult and 4 large juveniles. This does not mean that the pair with One Chick are not in the area. The single Chick I saw on the first of August was probably too young to fly! Time will tell!!

1st August:- Conder Green; All on The River Conder, Two Avocets with One Small Chick near The Stork Hotel on The River! Two Avocets with Four large, probably fledged Chicks on The River from the Viewing Platform! These are the first Chicks I have seen at this site this year! Well worth waiting for!

30th July:- P Crooks: Conder Creek - 2 pairs of Avocet with 4 and 1 young respectively, I have not seen an Avocet Chick this year at Conder Green; Hopefully they will still be there when I make my next visit!

28th July:- Conder Green Ian Hartley; Avocet 5 adults, broods of 3 and 1 on river. It seems this site is still active!

26th July:- Conder Green Barrie Cooper; Avocets - one pair with two young seen. Second pair with one small chick. It seems The Predators Have been Busy, Hopefully there may be better news on the next visit!!

24th July:- Conder Green; Pinky, The 4 Avocet chicks in the Creek were seen with their parents. A further pair of Avocets, plus just 1 chick. were seen in the Conder River 100 yards from the Bridge. (Likely to be the missing family with initially 3. The chick is now 8 days old. I suspect the very flighty Avocets I saw on the Eighteenth were protecting the single chick seen today!

23rd July:- EM Complex; John Wilson, Avocet 8. Methinks this is the last meaningfull sighting for this season! Further Sightings of Mature and near mature Chicks are likely to be from another Site!

21st July:- Allen Pool; Four Avocets, one of which looks like last years young!

21st July:- Ian Hartley; Avocet 3 adults with two broods on the river (3 young and at least 1 young in second brood)

20th July:- John Wilson; EM Complex, Avocet 5. Again no reports of young Avocets, could be they have flown the site?

18th July:- P Crooks; Allen Pool: 3 Avocet,

18th July:- Conder Pool; No Avocets seen, however the Three hatchlings seen by Pinky may still be alive? River Conder; Two adult Avocets seen, very flighty (they seem to be protecting young, but no young seen)! The situation is very confusing, were the Chicks on The River from Leighton Moss?????

17th July:- Pinky; The 2nd Avocet on the small islands has now had 3 chicks and her 1 day old hatchlings were in full view immediately in front of the Hide. Hopefully they will move on as the sheep are very close and could easily trample on them.

16th July:- Pinky, The 2 Parent Avocets with their 4 chicks were seen again today in the Conder creeks after the tide had emptied. It appears that another Avocet is still sitting (?) on the furthest away of the 2 small islands at Brick Croft. She can be seen through the wire fence if stood on the road itself. There is no need to view from over the fence, thus putting the bird to alarm flight, as the grass banking is now well trodden.

14th July:- Ian Hartley, Avocet 2 adults with 4 small young on river, 1 adult pool. The Chicks must have been in an area not viewable from The Road or Canal! However good news if they survive on The River?

13th July:- John Wilson, Avocet 16, the Four Young on my previous report are the important numbers as I believe The Four Young are the final count for this season!

13th July:- EM Complex, Allen Pool; Five Avocets and Four Young, they flew in from The Middle Flood!

12th July:- Conder Creek; Two Avocets, Conder Pool, One Avocet. No Avocets were seen from the Canal side! Only One Nest is being incubated now, No Chicks seen! Log 304

8th July:- John Wilson; EM Complex; Avocet 18

6th July:- EM Pools; One Avocet on The Allen Pool, One Avocet on The EM Pool plus Two well grown Chicks! John Wilson previously saw Fourteen Avocets!

4th July:- John Wilson; Avocet 14 including 4 on Allen Pool two of which were flying juvs. It is looking like the end this year! If the Chicks can fly I will consider this to be the final record! It is not clear whether there have been any Chicks on The Conder Pool?? when I was there!

3rd July:- K Harrison; 4 avocets at the Brick Croft end of the pool, with 2 sitting on the two small islands and 2 in the pool. Looking from the canal towpath there appeared to be one and possibly two more sitting at the back of one of the islands. I visited myself today and noted that one of the Adults at the Brick Croft end was giving Alarm Calls as though it was defending Eggs/Chicks? I could see one Nest from The Canal Towpath!

2nd July:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Complex; Avocet only 7 today but 3 youngsters still there. Fox on Allen Pool!

30th June:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green, Avocet 2.

30th June:- John Wilson; Eric Morecame Complex; Avocet 41.

29th June:- John Wilson; Avocet 41 all on Far Flood!

27th June:- John Wilson; Avocet 36 almost all in a small flock. Is this the end? are the Adults preparing to leave?? Have the Three young seen yesterday Fledged??

26th June:- John Wilson; Avocet 37 of which 3 were young on Far Flood.

25th June:- Conder Pool; I visited The Canal Towpath but could not see any Nests or Avocets! There were Two Nest visible from the road (Brickcroft End)!

24th June:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Pools; Avocet 20 adults 3 young on far flood! I cannot see this Pool, The Sighting of a Young Avocet is welcome as I have not seen a Chick for some time!

22nd June:- Far Flood, (from The Train) Three Avocets; Middle Flood, Three Avocets (From The EM Hide). EM Pool Two Avocets and One Nest! Three Eggs photographed in this Nest (seen on Facebook).

19th June:- K Harrison; 3 avocets in the channel to the left of the main island. 3 avocets on nests on a small island at the Brick Croft end of the pool. 1 nest viewable from the road side, the other two from the canal towpath. I missed Three Nests on The 17th June because I did not go to Canal Towpath!

18th June:- Far Flood, Four Avocets seen from The Train. Middle Flood Three Avocets seen; EM Pool Two Avocets and One Nest; The EM Nest is the same one I saw on the Fifth of June! There may be more Avocets/Young but I can only report what I have seen! log 277

17th June:- Conder Pool; The Two Avocets seen on The 10th June have now settled in and have a Nest on a tiny Island! The Nest is very near the Water level but should be OK unless there is a 10 Metre plus tide!

5th June:- Far Flood seen from Train; Four Avocets (could be more). Mid Flood; Eighteen Avocets seen. EM Pool, One Nest and One Avocet. Allen Pool; no Avocets and no Nests! This totals Twenty Three Avocets, however trying to count birds from a moving train is very inaccurate so John's 33 Avocets is probably correct. Also only part of the Mid Flood is viewable from The EM Hide!

12th June:- John Wilson; Avocet 33 adults including 21 in a flock on the middle flood. 7 young 5 far flood 2 middle flood. 2 active nests.

10th June:- Conder Green; Two Avocets on The Estuary plus Two Avocets on The Pool. The Avocets on Conder Pool were on a tiny Island not visible from The Viewpoint! No Chicks or Nests found! The Nests I saw at my last visit no longer exist (did a Ewe/Lamb stand on them or has there been some Predation)? Large areas of the Pool are not visible so The Chick situation is uncertatain!

9th June:- P Crooks; Observers at Leighton Moss this morning reported that Carrion Crows had been seen predating Avocet and Black-headed Gull nests on the salt-marsh pools.

9th June:- John Wilson; Avocet 30 adults could find only 6 young but water levels have gone up there is no mud on the Flood. Four nests in front of Eric Morecambe have been predated on the near island along with some gulls . Fox? Now only two active nests.

7th June:- John Wilson; Avocet 44 adults but could only find 5 young! I will attempt to visit Conder Green on The 10th June.

5th June:- John Wilson; Avocet, Could only find 7 young today in the wind & rain.

5th June:- EM Pool; Eighteen Avocets and Five Nests, Allen Pool; Five Avocets and Two Nests! No Young seen! Unable to count The Far Flood but there were Two Spoonbill on This Pool! There seems to have been a mass exodus???

1st June:- P Crooks; Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road viewpoint) - 67 Avocet (49 adults, 18 small young - at least 6 different broods),

30th May:- John Wilson; Avocet 52 adults at least 17 young, 10 active nests. Oldest young now starting to look like Avocets

28th May:- John Wilson:- Avocet; Allen 6 young, Middle Flood 9 young, Far Flood 11 young! Still 11 active nests of which at least 3 are relays!

28th May:- Conder Pool and Estuary; A Total of Ten Avocets seen; Five Nests Found (all on one of the new Islands)! I saw Three Avocets on The River Conder, including a pair with no Chicks???

27th May:- John Wilson:- Avocet 8 broods all except two on the Allen were on The Flood.

26th May:- Ian Hartley; Conder Pool, Avocet 4 - no sign of any chicks. Several sheep on the 'island' last week were practically standing on the nests. Common Tern 6. Two incubating.

26th May:- John Wilson; EM Complex; Avocet 6 broods being brooded 4 on the Far flood, 2 on the middle flood. Could'nt see how many young as being brooded in heavy rain, many thanks for your endevours in challenging conditions!

25th May:- The Far Flood; Six Avocets seen from The Train; EM Pool and Middle Flood; Fifteen Avocets plus Four Nests (One New Nest) and Four Chicks which were all on The Middle Flood! It looks like the young from the EM Pool have been moved to the Middle Flood! Allen Pool; Thirteen Avocets and Eight Nests, No Chicks seen! There may be more Chicks on the Middle Flood but it is difficult viewing from the EM Hide!

23rd May:- John Wilson; Avocet from Eric Morecambe Hide broods of 4, 3 2X2 and 1, Still 15 Active nests. Apart from the single Chick these are new hatchings!

21st May:- EM Complex; Three Avocet on The Far Flood (From The Train), Eighteen Avocets on The EM Pool plus Seven Nests and One Chick! Twenty Three Avocets on The Allen Pool and Ten Nests No Chicks seen! The Chicks surviving number includes Six on the Far Flood, seen by John Wilson on the 19th!

20th May:- Conder Green; Only Three Avocet seen on Conder Pool, The Common Terns are attempting to Nest but they have chosen a site already occupied by a Gull! The Pool is drying up rapidly exposing the Chaos Caused by The Digger!

19th May:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Complex, Avocet 3 broods (3,2,1) on far flood. Another nest hatching on Allen. Still 21 active nests.

19th May:- P Crooks; Conder Green - 10 Avocet (6 in Conder Creek, 4 at Conder Pool), 3 Common Tern (on Conder Pool)

18th May:- John Wilson; Avocet 69 adults, broods of 3 and 1 on far flood! Good news re the Brood on The Far Flood however I am unable to visit The Viewpont so I am reliant on other peoples reports!

17th May:- Conder Pool, Ken Harrison; 3 avocet nests on the back of the island last Monday - seen from the canal towpath.

17th May:- Conder Green at High Tide! Nine Avocets on Conder Pool, Three Definite Pairs who were Courting and Mating but no Nests Found? About Sixty Ewes and their Lambs are now in the Conder Pool area! No Common Terns Seen! log 211

16th May:- John Wilson; Avocet At least 10 young of which 4 were on the Eric Morecambe. It seems another Nest has hatched Young on the EM Pool (the Chick I saw was not newly Hatched)!

16th May:- EM Pool; Thirteen Avocets Nine Nests and One Chick. Allen Pool; Thirty Four Avocets Fourteen Nests and Five Chicks! The Flood not counted! There may have been more Chicks Hatched but I have no means of checking this, however the important thing is the Surviving Chicks!

11th May:- The Flood; Eleven Avocets (John Wilson), EM Pool Nineteen Avocets and Eight Nests, Allen Pool, Twenty Nests and Fifty Avocets. I found Two nests with a total of Four Chicks; One of the Nests had Two newly hatched Chicks!

10th May:- Conder Pool; Six Avocets seen and Two Nests (there could be another Nest). I Suspect it is behind an Island, not viewable from the viewpoint! The usual Cold Blast at the viewpoint (I did not stay very long)!

10th May:- John Wilson; Avocet, 2 more nests hatching both on islands with large numbers of gulls.

8th May:- Michael H Brewer; Facebook Link; It was nice to see the newly hatched Avocet chicks this morning, but if you want to see them you will have to go early as all were eaten by lunchtime by the hundreds of gulls just waiting for a meal.

8th May:- John Wilson; Avocet, only saw two young yesterday as the adults were brooding on top of the island but today they were feeding at the waters edge and they had three young!
Active nests 25 on Allen and 8 on Eric Morecambe.

7th May:- The Flood, Two Avocets seen from The Train; EM Pool, Twelve Avocets and Eight Nests; Allen Pool, Fifty Avocets and Twenty Five Nests plus Two newly Hatched Chicks! Log 155

5th May:- John Wilson; EM Complex; Avocet 30 active nests, the site seems stable at the moment I must make an effort to visit soon!

5th May:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 4

4th May:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 6

2nd May:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 5

1st May:- John Wilson; EM Complex, Avocet at least 66 adults 31 active nests.

30th April:- EM Pool Sixteen Avocets and Six Nests; Allen Pool Fifty Avocets and Twenty Five Nests!

28th April:- John Wilson; EM Complex, Avocet ca 60; 25 active nests. Ian Hartley; Conder Green:- Avocet 6

26th April:- John Wilson; EM Complex, Avocet 65

25th April:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 6 on Conder Pool/River

24th April:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 5

24th April:- EM Pool Eleven Avocets and Two Nests; Allen Pool Fifty Avocets and Twenty One Nests!

21st April:- Paul Daunter, EM Complex; Avocets 62 at least 12 pairs nesting. log 132

21st April:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 4, were they on The Pool or the Estuary?

19th April:- EM Complex, John Wilson; Avocet 66.

19th April:- Arnside John Bromley; Avocet - 2 feeding in a small channel near the viaduct at 7.15am, Also 4 Avocets flying low down the estuary at high tide, these are rare sighting from Arnside!

18th April:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 4, it will be at least a week before investigate this Sighting!

17th April:- The Far Flood Six Avocets (what I could see from The Train), EM Pool Two Avocets, Allen Pool Fifty Avocets and Thirteen active Nests! I could not find Seventy plus Avocets but the Thirteen Nests are more important! log 124

16th April:- John Wilson; EM Complex, Avocet 72! I will attempt to count the Nesting Birds on the 17th!

16th April Conder Green; Very few Birds on The Pool, Greenshank and Common Sand on the River! No Avocets as usual!

14th:- Conder Green, Ian Hartley; Avocet 2. It may be worth another visit??

14th:- Richard du Feu, Eric Morecambe Complex; visit had a minimum of 77 Avocets (two colour ringed birds). log 116

14th:- John Wilson, Avocet 73 three active nests.

13th:- John Wilson, afternoon visit; Avocet 54

13th April:- Allen Pool Morning visit Sixty Avocets, EM Pool Two Avocets, No Nests Found!

12th April:- John Wilson, Eric Morecambe Complex; Avocet 54. I aim to make a visit on the 13th!

11th April:- P Crooks; A late morning scan from Crag Road revealed: 59 Avocet - mostly on Allen Pool. log 113

10th April:- 10 to 11am; EM Pool Two Avocets, Allen Pool Fifty Avocets! The Flood not counted, no definite nests on The Allen Pool as yet.

9th April:- Jeff Butcher, Allen and EM Pools; 47 avocets, I will attept a visit on The 10th April! log 107

7th April:- J Carter; Eric Morecambe Pools (from Crag Road), 56 Avocet (mostly on Allen Pool)!

6th April:- J Carter; c60 avocets on Morecambe Pools, he probably had a better view of the Flood than I had! Log 100

6th April:- Six Avocets on The Flood (seen from the Train, there may be more) Two Avocets on The EM Pool plus Forty Two Avocets on The Allen Pool! One pair seen scraping for a new Nestsite!

4th April:- Conder Pool and Estuary; No Avocets seen, I will not visit for at least a Week unless there are further sightings!log 98

29th March:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Complex, Avocet 29. I'm not sure if these are the same birds seen on the 22nd of March or are more passing Migrants!

28th March:- Conder Pool and Estuary; No Avocets seen! I did however notice that there are two new Islands on The Pool, one of which has restricted the view of one of the Avocets favourite Breeding sites! log 58

27th March:- 11 to 11 30am; Fifteen Avocets on The Allen Pool, much Mating and Feeding today. The Water levels are still high!

26th March:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Pool, Avocet 15. I will attempt a visit myself on the 27th March! log 56

24th March:- John Wilson; Avocet 15

24th March:- Ian Hartley; Conder Green, Avocet 2

24th March:- P Crooks; Eric Morecambe Pools (From Crag Road) - 15 Avocet (5 on Flood, 2 on EM Pool, 8 on Allen Pool), this is an excellent viewpoint; I would be interested in any reports from this viewpoint as it is difficult/dangerous to get there without a Car!

23rd March:- Mal; Conder Green 10 to 10 30am; Two avocets in the creek nearest the road, Two Avocets on Conder Pool!

23rd March:- EM Pool 10 to 10 30am; Six Avocets (this was after John Wilson's count). There were plenty of Waders on The Pools but none of them were Feeding, Probably because of the high water levels!

23rd March:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Complex. Avocet 13

22nd March:- Redders; Allen Pool, looks like 29 today.

21st March:- John Wilson, Avocet Certainly 23 and probably 25.

21st March:- Myself; Two visits to Conder Pool, No Avocets, perhaps the birds of the 19th were birds of passage. The Pool has been radically redesigned since my last visit with the aid of a Digger!

19th March:- Barrie Cooper, Two Avocets on Conder Pool this morning. Nine day earlier than last year!

19th March:- John Wilson; EM Complex, Avocet 13.

17th March:- 12 to 1pm; Four Avocets on The Allen Pool. Two Pairs, another single was seen earlier! A few shallow Pools between the Car Park and the Hides (no need for Wellies).

15th March:- AN Other; 4 to 6pm, Fifteen Avocets on The Allen Pool.

13th March:- Tom Walkington; Eric Morecambe Pools 3 Avocet, a slight increase in numbers! I will attempt a visit on the 17th March! Birdtrack Marshside; Seventy Avocets!

12th March:- Martin Mere; A late afternoon count of Avocet broke the Martin Mere record and possibly Lancashire/North West with 141 birds. If or when the Weather improves Perhaps some of these Avocets may fly to Leighton Moss ????

11th March:- 11 15 to 12 15:- One Avocet on The Allen Pool (sheltering from the Cold Wind), it later flew to the EM Pool. Where have all the Avocets gone?

10th March:- Richard du Feu; 10 Avocet in front of Allen hide. John Wilson saw 9 at another time. I will try again tomorrow if it ever stops raining!

8th March:- 10am, Eric Morecambe Pool; One Avocet! The Water levels seem to be falling which should be good for Waders!

6th March:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Pool, Avocet 6

5th March:- Jeff Butcher; Morecambe & Allen hides - 6 avocets!

4th March:- I visited Warton Crag Quarry instead. See Link

2nd March:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Pools Avocet 6.

28th February:- Redders; Avocet 5, 28 Feb Allen pool, there is a photo which confirms it was a Misty day! I did not go as the Mist/Fog persisted all day!

27th February:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Complex Avocet 4,

26th February:- 11.20am Allen Pool; Nine Avocets. An hour later the numbers were down to Three!

24th February:- John Wilson; Eric Morecambe Avocet 1, hopefully there may be significant numbers soon!

23rd February:- Jeff Butcher; Morning at Morecambe hide, no sign of Avocets.

20th February:- 10.30 Metre Tide today, The Saltmarsh will be Flooded!

19th February:- I did visit today but was unable to find any Avocet on The EM Complex!

18th February:- John Wilson; Avocet 2 far flood.

17th February:- John Wilson; EM Pools, No Avocet at least in the morning!

16th February:- 10am; Five Avocets on The Far Flood, viewed from The EM Hide! The Far Flood is the only Pool with a low enough water level to allow Waders to Feed!

15th February:- Redders; One reported on Allen pool One seen on far flood Eric Morecambe probably the same bird. One day later than 2018!

Log-1214 2018/ 003 2019

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