Peak Number of Adults seen :- 24
Total Number of Nesting Pairs :- 0
Nests Predated/Abandoned :- 0
Chicks Hatched :- 0
Chicks Surviving :- 0
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Conder Pool Sightings!

17th March:- Twenty Four Avocets on The EM Pool. The Electric Fence has been erected around the Allen Pool and the Avocets have not as yet returned to The Allen Pool

15th March:- RSPB Staff on Allen Pool, probably erecting an Electric Fence? Thirteen Avocets on The EM Pool.

14th March:- Elaine; Twenty One Avocets on The EM Complex.

13th March:- 2.30pm: Thirteen Avocets on The Allen Pool. However Martin Mere had Fifty Seven Avocets on the 12th Hopefully some of these bird will fly North!

11th March:- Five Avocets on The Flood plus Two Avocets on The EM Pool plus Six Avocets on The Allen Pool!

10th March:- 11am; Four Avocets on The Allen Pool, at 12.15pm they flew to the EM Pool. They fly off at the sightest disturbance!

8th March:- 11am; Five Avocets on The EM Pool, they flew to the Allen Pool later. There have been a few reports re The EM Complex since my last posting but no mention of Avocets being present!

25th February:- John Wilson; Avocet 1, so the single Avocet is still there (hope it doesn't freeze to death in the next seven days)!

24th February:- One Avocet on The EM Pool. All of the Eric Morecambe Complex Pools are partly frozen, most of the Avocets seen yesterday have left the site!

23rd February:- Kevin Kelly; Eric Morecambe Complex, 13 Avocet, No mention of which Pool they were on?

22nd February:-11 20am; Ten Avocets on The Flood, viewed from the Crag Road Viewpoint! My first sighting of Avocets this year! They looked like they had just arrived (all in a tight group and not yet feeding)! Richard du Feu saw Eleven Avocets!

20th February:- No local reports of Avocets, however Twenty Four Avocets at Martin Mere! I will try to find Avocets at Silverdale tomorrow! However; Twenty Four Avocets at Martin Mere!

19th February:- No Avocets visible from The Viewpoint today! The Avocets seen yesterday were probably birds of passage!

18th February:- P Crooks; An influx of 16 Avocets on the Eric Morecambe Pools this morning. Initially the flock were asleep, but were later disturbed and flew to the Flood end of the pools. I was at Greater Langdale!

17th February:- J Carter: First bird back on the Eric Morecambe Pools today. (I could not find any Avocets when I was there, about 12pm)! Martin Mere:- More Avocet arrived today with 7 birds present!

14th February:- An influx of 16 Avocets on the Eric Morecambe Pools this morning. Martin Mere Yesterday’s newly arrived Avocet were joined by another bird. Now Four Avocets!

13th February:- Martin Mere, The first of the returning Avocet were on Vinson’s Marsh this morning, just 3 birds. In the coming weeks this number will increase considerably. Log-1214

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